Agriculture has always been the backbone of India’s economy. It meets the vital requirements of food and nutrition security of people. This sector supports the country’s development initiative and more than 60% of the population derives its subsistence from it. While many industries depend upon agriculture for their raw material, this sector also helps bring about equitable distribution of income and wealth in rural areas and improve the quality of life.

Irrigation is a process in which water is applied to the soil for supporting the growth of seeds and crops as well as re-vegetation of disturbed soils in dry areas and during inadequate rainfall. One of the ways for fetching water to the fields is through electrical pumps. For quite some time, electrical irrigation pumps have been in use for assisting irrigation. These pumps draw water in the required pressure from sources like rivers, canals, lakes, ponds and wells for distribution to fields carrying crops and plants.

Today, the pumping systems can be operated in many ways. From being simple to complex, to advanced, they are fitted with necessary protection and communication features and a farmer can operate them by giving necessary command from a digital device from his away-from-field home. He can start and shut the pump’s motor as well as control the pressure of water flow with a few clicks on this mobile phone and another hand-held digital device.

For almost six decades, Power Packard has been a leading manufacturer of electric starters and accessories under the ‘LTLK’ brand name and offers a range of agricultural starters / cables / capacitors for agriculture application to farmers. Today, LTLK MK1 DOL is the most popular and highly reliable motor starter in India. With its consistent quality performance, this product has helped us build a family-like relationship with farmers across the country.

Continuous product development has resulted in a wide range of starters for agriculture pump sets and, today, farmers can choose the best option for their individual requirement.

In a large country like India, water levels vary from area to area. There are regions where the level varies from 70 ft. to 1100 ft. and farmers have the only option of using submersible pumps / mono block pumps for irrigation. To meet their irrigation needs, the LTLK range offers products that operate the submersible / mono block pumps. The MU DOL and Star Delta starters are specially designed for rugged applications and a farmer gets superior performance even in low voltage condition as well as fights against any type of abnormal conditions of power.

For irrigation, the basic need of farmers is water and, for drawing water, they require a pump with proper protection. A pump’s motor installed with good quality starters ensures good irrigation, good yield and good return for a farmer’s hard work. LTLK starters have been designed for high performance and smooth operation for several years and make the farmers’ life easy and trouble free.

In addition, we conduct awareness programmes to inform farmers about our products and engage with them to understand the problems and offer proper solutions. Farmer meets and electricians’ training are part of the awareness programmes.