Buildings today are much more than structures of concrete that house offices, residences and bear an address. They are intelligent entities that perform a variety of functions by using a host of modern electronics applications. A host of green features like water and energy conservation, waste management, indoor air quality and occupants’ comfort levels make a smart building.

A building automation system (BAS) is an example of Distributed control system. This control system is a computerized, intelligent network of electronic devices designed to monitor and control the mechanical, electronics and lighting systems in a building. The core function of BAS is to keep the building climate within a specified range, provide lighting based on an occupancy schedule, monitor systems performance and device failures and provide malfunction alarms (via email and/or text notifications) to building engineering / maintenance staff. This functionality reduces the maintenance costs.

Realizing the utility, protection and safety benefits of building smart and living smart, Power Packard has developed a wide array of products and solutions for customers in the building segment.

It has created its own brand of building automation solutions for institutional and commercial establishments comprising malls, office complexes, hotels, hospitals and even residences. These solutions cater to different requirements of modern buildings such as energy efficiency, safety, convenience, comfort and include Building Management Systems (BMS), Energy Management Systems (EMS), CCTV, Fire Detection & Alarm Systems (FDAS), Access Control Systems, and Lighting Controls. BMS or HVAC controls ensure greater convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and coordinate with the rest of the building utilities for various functions.

EMS is all about ensuring improved quality of power and energy efficiency. This is achieved through Energy Auditing Reports, web-based tool that helps monitor and re-distribute energy loads. The CCTV connected with powerful cameras provides security and safety of public places, buildings and enterprises through surveillance. Fast action, easy integration, simultaneous alarms to agencies and de-activation/activation of desired areas in a building form crucial aspects of FDAS while Access Control allows only authorized personnel to access a premise.

Power Packard also offers metering solutions for large building and commercial complexes. It provides single phase and three phase meters, DIN meters and Panel Meters for monitoring energy consumption of different sections of the building either for sub-billing or for the purpose of efficient energy management. These meters have different communication interfaces such as RS485, Wi-fi or Low Power radio that can be used to get the data directly to the control room. 

In addition to the meters, Overcurrent, Earth fault and Voltage relays are available for required protection on the incomer feeders. The range of Power Factor Controllers can be used for monitoring power factor to ensure avoidance of penalty due to low power factor.