Don’t want to live in the dark? Try our Emergency Lighting System to brighten up your place and your life.

Packard’s Power Beam is a competent product designed for total blackouts in case of a power cut. Suitable for a wide range of locations- workplaces; big buildings like shopping malls, theatres, hotels; industrial lighting; hospitals; corridor and pathway lighting; parking spaces, etc., our products are durable and are available in wall mountable variants as well. It is a highly innovative lighting solution for hilly areas as the powerful beam can cover a large perimeter and provide an energy-efficient lighting solution.

Don’t stay in the dark. Get Packard Power Beam today.


At Power Packard, we strongly believe that a motivated team and skilled workforce can deliver excellent results to an organization. In the business of stabilizer manufacturing, we have been ahead of the curve in realizing that people are the prime movers and have extended a helping hand in skill-building by offering a wide selection of training programs that will help enhance your knowledge and competencies in efficiently managing electrical systems.